Release Notes

This section contains release notes for Crafter CMS 3.0.x. For other release notes, please visit your release’s release notes page here:

Crafter CMS 3.0.9


  • Dependency calculation enhancements
  • Search client is now backwards compatible with 2.4 and 2.5
  • Minor Engine bug fixes
  • Minor UI bug fixes

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.0.9 Milestone

Crafter CMS 3.0.8


  • Fixed issue with create site and push to upstream repository
  • Minor UI bug fixes
  • Minor Studio API bug fixes
  • Documentation updates

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.0.8 Milestone

Crafter CMS 3.0.7


  • Corrected deleted related publishing issue
  • Minor UI bug fixes

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.0.7 Milestone

Crafter CMS 3.0.6


Crafter CMS 3.0.5


  • Improved Crafter Studio file and bulk file upload performance
  • Add 2.5 to 3.0 migration script
  • Add support for backwards compatibility mode of Crafter Engine for type conversion
  • Documentation updates for API and Upgrading to Crafter 3, and new guides for setting up for a production environment and header based authentication

and lots of bug fixes :)

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.0.5 Milestone

Crafter CMS 3.0.4


  • Add support for site creation with remote repos
  • Faster publishing for large data-sets
  • Dependency calculations enhancement
  • CsrfFilter added to Studio
  • Engine’s Freemarker host upgraded to latest (2.3.26-incubating)
  • Added CMIS support over HTTPS

and lots of bug fixes :)

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.0.4 Milestone

Crafter CMS 3.0.3

Crafter CMS 3.0.2


  • Publishing Enhancements
    • Several bug fixes and enhancements to the publishing system
    • Syncing the Studio database with the repository is now done automatically
    • Much faster dependency calculator
  • AWS Features Updated
    • Added S3 connector for video with video-transcoding mechanics (using AWS Elastic Transcoder)
    • Added admin password randomization in preparation to issue AWS images
  • Blueprint Enhancements
    • Remove the tag <site> from the permissions configuration (permission-mappings-config.xml) as it’s no longer needed
  • Integrated Testing in Gradle
    • You can now run the integration tests straight from Gradle
  • Documentation
    • Troubleshooting documentation for publishing updated
    • Backup and restore updated
    • Setup site for delivery environment updated
    • Upgrade guide updated for date migration command
    • Randomizing admin password for fresh install added
    • New articles added in the Cookbook/Tutorials

and lots of bug fixes :)

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.0.2 Milestone

Crafter CMS 3.0.1


  • MS Windows Support
    • Updated Crafter CMS bundles to support MS Windows (7, 10, 2012 R2, 2016)
    • Updated Gradle to support build/deploy and run on Windows
  • Self-updating Database Mechanics
    • Studio can now detect the DB schema (3.0.0 vs 3.0.1) and upgrade it
    • Database table names have been updated to be more consistent/meaningful
  • Dependency Calculation Enhancements
    • New dependency calculation and extraction mechanics (if upgrading from 3.0.0 you’ll need to have the file: config/studio/dependency/resolver-config.xml)
  • Blueprint Enhancements
    • Bug fixes and general enhancements. To make use of this, you’ll need to stop authoring and remove the folder craftercms/data/repos/global, Studio will recreate with the updated blueprints. (That won’t update already created sites.)
  • Other updates
    • Added the integration testing suite right into Gradle, you can invoke it by calling gradlew(.sh/bat) test

and lots of bug fixes :)

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.0.1 Milestone

Crafter CMS 3.0.0

New Features

  • Git-based Content Repository
    • First-class content versioning mechanics
    • Multi object/file version and compare
    • Easy integration with existing developer workflow/DevOps
    • Easily move content backwards and code forwards
  • Git-based Deployment Model
    • High performance, reliable global and disconnected deployment
  • New User Targeting System
    • New UI for testing sophisticated multi-factor personalization scenarios
  • CMIS Integration to CMIS-capable ECMs
    • Pick and publish content and assets from CMIS compliant repositories
  • First Class Support for Headless CMS Projects
    • Quickly start headless / Content as API projects via headless CMS blueprints
    • Improved resource URL parameterization
    • Rapid RESTful API development with Groovy within Crafter Studio


  • Search
    • Updated to Solr 6.4
    • Switched to single core per project
    • Automatic provisioning of Solr core per tenant in authoring
  • Out of the Box Blueprints
    • Four new out of the box blueprints:
      • Editorial website: highlights dynamic and personalized content
      • Headless blog: Demonstrates headless CMS capability with a simple blog
      • Headless product catalog: Demonstrates headless CMS capability with a simple product catalog
      • Empty: Quickly start a new project with no pre-defined assumptions
  • Gradle-based Build and Deploy System
    • Quickly and easily build, deploy, bundle, start and stop specific versions and components of Crafter CMS
  • Publishing System Status Live Updates
    • Authoring UI provides improved visibility in to the publishing process
  • Better Documentation
    • New documentation system
    • Improved version specific documentation
  • Fresh UI
    • Cleaner more descriptive UI
  • Faster Studio
    • Improved UI performance and responsiveness

and lots of bug fixes :)

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.0.0 Milestone