Setup Site for a Delivery Environment

In this section, we will be working in the delivery environment of Crafter CMS and describing how to setup your site for a delivery environment.

Setup Solr core and Target

Crafter CMS out of the box has a script to help you create your Solr core and deployer target for the delivery environment.

In the bin folder in your Crafter CMS delivery environment, we will use the script to help us create the Solr core and the deployer target.

From your command line, navigate to your {Crafter-CMS-delivery-environment-directory}/bin/ , and execute the init-site script:

  • Unix/Linux systems:

    ./  <site name> <site's published repo git url>
  • Windows:

    init-site.bat  <site name> <site's published repo git url>


  • <site name> is the name of your site

  • <site's published repo git url> is the site’s published repository git url. We recommend using Secure Shell (SSH) or if you are just working on another directory on disk for your delivery, you can just use the filesystem. When your repository is local, make sure to use the absolute path.

    Here is a sample git url using ssh:


    or alternatively for ssh:


    Here is a sample git url when using a local repository:


Viewing your Site for Testing

To test viewing your site, open a browser and type in the url of your site.

If you have multiple sites setup, to view a certain site, in your browser, enter the following:

<your url>?crafterSite=<site name>

Here we have an example of a delivery setup in another directory on disk (local), where there are two sites, myawesomesite and helloworld

Setup Site for Delivery - Site List

To set the site to the helloworld site, in your browser, type in

Setup Site for Delivery - Hello World Site

To set the site to the myawesomesite, in your browser, type in

Setup Site for Delivery - My Awesome Site