Welcome Developers! The great thing about developing with Crafter CMS is that you ALREADY HAVE most of the skills you need to get started. One of the great strengths of Crafter CMS is that it combines some of the industry’s best and well know technologies in a way that feels purpose built to craft and deliver great digital experiences. Crafter is built with Java, Spring MVC, Groovy, Freemarker, Solr, AngularJS, and XML. With Crafter you are not learning and using some niche technology: you are bringing existing skills to the table and learning new skills you can leverage elsewhere.

Our developer documentation focuses on Crafter CMS specific topics. Below is a short set of links to other documentation for technology that we leverage which you might find useful:

Attribute Name Usage Links
Spring Beans Spring MVC
Server App Framework
Server side templates
Server side scripting
Search and content query
MongoDB GIT Alfresco
Crafter Profile and Social data store
Repository Implementation
Repository Implementation
Documentation source format

Beginner Developer Topics

This section covers the basic topics you need to define a content type and render that content as part of a page, component or service.

Advanced Developer Topics

This section goes beyond the basics to cover advanced topics like building queries, accessing services and extending the core platforms.

Project Specific Documentation

Crafter CMS comprises a number of projects, below are the project specific documentations.