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Clam Virus Scanner Requirements

  • Clamav must be installed (along with the clamd deamon)
  • A TCPhost and a TCPport must be provided in the clamd.conf file
  • The clamd deamon must be running with the provided configuration

Note: With the information given so far a localhost 3310 configuration is necessary and enough to run the clam virus scanner tests

  • The crafter-social virus-scanner properties file must match the host and the port configured in the clamd.conf file
  • A ClamVirusScannerImpl should be provided to the VirusScannerService bean in a virus-scanner-context.xml external file

Note: There is a nullVirusScannerImpl being given to the VirusScannerService as the default implementation (which means that the virus scanning is disable by default).

Clam Virus Scanner local Mac Configuration

  1. ClamXav should be already installed on your mac
  2. Uncomment the following lines in /usr/local/clamXav/etc/clamd.conf

TCPSocket 3310


  1. To start the clamd daemon

cd /usr/local/clamXav/sbin



Write overview; write configuration, write ReST API doc