Content Monitoring


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What is Content Monitoring

Content Monitoring allows you to configure watches and notifications on your content. Each day Crafter Studio will run a process that performs monitoring. Each site can configure the monitors that run against the site. A monitor defines the query to run, the paths that matter and the notification to be sent for items that match

How to Configure Content Monitoring



            <!-- this query will email every expired item, every day -->
             <name>Expired Content</name>
            <query>expired_dt:[* TO NOW]</query>
                    <name>Expired About Content</name>
                    <name>Expired ALL Content</name>

Multiple Monitors

You can define as many monitor groups as you want. Each monitor must have at least one paths/path item.

Notification Messages Configuration

Templates for the notifications are defined in /cstudio/config/sites/SITENAME/SITENAME/notification-config.xml

Example Monitoring Queries

Content Expiration

Purpose Query
Warn every day that content is past expiration
expired_dt:[* TO NOW]
Warn 10 days ahead that content will expire
expired_dt:[NOW+10DAY TO NOW+11DAY]
Warn 10 days ahead AND on expire date
expired_dt:[NOW+10DAY TO NOW+11DAY]
expired_dt:[NOW TO NOW+1DAY]
Everything that was modified today
modified_dt:[NOW-1DAY TO NOW]
create_dt:[NOW-1DAY TO NOW]
Content that Contains an Old Trademark