Viewing Logs Through Crafter Studio

Various log files are created when running Crafter CMS. This section details the logs available for viewing through Crafter Studio.

Audit Logs

Crafter CMS tracks the date, time, user and action performed to content through an audit log.

To view the audit logs, from the Sidebar, click on siteConfig, then click on Audit

Crafter Studio Audit Logs :align: center

Log Console

Crafter CMS has a Log Console that allows you to view messages depending on what what log levels and what Java packages you’d like to track.

To view logs in Crafter Studio, click on siteConfig from the Sidebar, then click on Log Console. Before we look inside the Log Console, we need to setup what messages we want to display. The messages displayed in the Log Console depends on what levels are set for the Java packages being run in Crafter CMS. To see the loggers available for setting log levels to, click on siteConfig then Logging Levels. Find the Java package you would like to view the logs of and set the desired log level.

There are 4 log levels defined in Crafter CMS. These levels determine what messages will be logged and displayed in the Logging Console. Below are the 4 log levels available from the lowest to the highest:

  • debug: displays things useful for debugging
  • info: displays informational messages like progress of the application, etc
  • warn: displays potentially harmful situations that might cause problems
  • error: displays anything that may be fatal to the operation/causes a problem

The lower your logging levels are set, the more verbose your logs will be.

Crafter Studio Logging Levels :align: center

After setting up the log levels desired, we’ll now go to the Log Console to start viewing the logs. From the Sidebar, click on siteConfig -> Log Console. To start viewing the logs, click on Play/Pause icon at the top to start viewing the log files

Crafter Studio Log Console :align: center