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  • Updated On 4.0.0


This section describes how Content Authors can search for different things in Crafter Studio while creating content.

To do a search in Crafter Studio, point your mouse to the navigation menu icon on the top right, which will display the name of the icon, Navigation Menu, click on it then select Search under Project

Content Author - Search from Navigation Menu

You can also access Search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the top right, which will then display the name of the icon, Search, when you point your mouse on the icon.

Content Author - Search from Toolbar

Search allows you to find objects in the system through keywords. Each result is a content type of one sort or another. An option to delete, edit/view and the content type is provided with each result. You can view the results in a list or a grid, like below:

Content Author - Search Results Grid View

Here’s the search results in list view:

Content Author - Page Search Results List View

Filtering Results: Crafter Studio supports multiple ways to filter search results. Depending on your search results, different filters will be available. Generally, you can sort your search results based on the following:

  • Sort By * Relevance * Name * Width * Content Type * MIME Type * Content Size * Last Edit Date * Height

  • Path

  • Width

  • Content Type

  • Mime Type

  • Content Size

  • Last Edit Date

  • Height

Content Author - Page Search Filters Sort Controls

Result Selection: Note the checkboxes for each result type . Just as you can select multiple items on the dashboard and then interact with them in bulk, the same is true with search. You will have checkboxes that allow you to choose many items and access to the context nav to take action on those items. If you are selecting specific items for a control in a form you will be able to choose whatever number of items are expected by the control.

Content Author - Page Search Results Multiple Results Selected