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Authors creates, edits and submits content for experiences. CrafterCMS’s Crafter Studio provides the author an easy to use authoring and management system for developing and optimizing the content and dynamic project visitor experience for any and all of your Web properties.

The project administrator and the developer sets things up before an author begins contributing content for the web experience being built. This section contains information on the authoring environment and how authors manages content.

CrafterCMS is a web content and experience management solution that allows organizations to build and manage rich online experiences on the web, mobile, social, and all digital online channels.

How Authors Work in CrafterCMS

  • Authors work in Crafter Studio
    • It is a web based application. There is nothing to install.
    • It is multi-tenant so you can manage as many projects as you need to
    • It provides a safe environment to make and preview content changes
    • All changes are versioned and audited
    • Once ready, content is submitted to workflow for approval
  • On approval, content is published to the live environment.
    • Content can be published immediately
    • Or on a schedule
  • Crafter Studio can publish to anywhere including social networks however, we often Publish to Crafter Engine.
    • Crafter Engine is a high performance, Spring MVC based content delivery engine.
    • Crafter Engine delivers highly personalized HTML (and other markup) based content and Content APIS (Content as a Service).
    • Crafter Engine is multi-channel. It supports Responsive Design and Adaptive Design as well as Content as API(s)
    • Crafter Engine is multi-tenant so you can deliver as many projects as you need to.

Authoring Screens

Here we’ll take a look at various screens in Crafter Studio an author may encounter.


Here we’ll take a look at examples of authors at work.