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  • Updated On 4.0.0

Accessing Content

In this section we’ll take a look on how to access content.

Content Retrieval API

CrafterCMS requires you use one of the following APIs to gain access to your content:

  • GraphQL (for SPAs and/or AJAX)
  • REST API (for SPAs and/or AJAX)
  • Groovy (great for business logic with access to content or configuration/parameterization)
  • Java (for embedding your business logic/app within Crafter Engine)

For more information on the above APIs, see API Reference

Static-asset content retrieval

Assets are media (images, videos, etc.) or document files used in your project. There are various ways assets can be stored and accessed

Crafter Javascript SDK

For retrieving content and navigation using APIs offered by CrafterCMS, use the @craftercms/content library npm package name