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Text Area Control


Form Control Text Area Example


Form Control Text Area
Control title to show the author on the input form
Name / Variable Name

Name of variable to store the final result in. This is used by the
View layer or the Controllers to gain access to the data during
ICE Group

In-Context Edit Group: During ICE editing in Preview mode, this
control will be part of this group for editing which means when the
author click on the Pencil Tool, they will get all the controls
in the same group associated with the specific Pencil Tool.

Form Control description.


Help to show authors on the input form associated with this control.

Simple text-area input.

* Columns: Number of columns of the text area to show.
* Rows: Number of rows of the text area to show.
* Max Length: Maximum number of characters to accept as input.
* Allow Resize: Allows the resizing feature of the text area.
* Read Only: Make field read-only (can’t be changed by the author).
* Required: Make field required to fill out.
Related Data Sources
* None.