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  • Updated On 4.0.0

Static Key Value Pairs Data Source

Source Control Static Key Value Pairs


Form Static Key Value Pairs

Data source title to show on the form.
Name / Variable Name
Name of variable to store the final result in.
Data source where key/value paris can be added for its use on a control.

- Data Type: Key Value pairs type (String, Integer, Float, Date, HTML).
- Options: Key Value pairs to be added on the datasource.
- Show keys:

Adding Options

When creating a static Key Value Pairs data source you can add the options by clicking on the “Options” input on the datasource configuration. That will display a dialog with the necessary features to manage the data.

Form Static Key Value Pairs Options
  • Fill the Key and Value fields.
  • Clicking on “Add another” adds a new key value pair.
  • Clicking on the “X” removes the pair.
  • “Save” or “Cancel” to finish editing the pairs.