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  • Updated On 4.0.0

Installation and Upgrading

This section describes various ways of installing/setting up CrafterCMS and how to tune CrafterCMS

First we’ll take a look at the requirements and supported platform for installing/setting up CrafterCMS

Remember to change the default values pre-configured when installing CrafterCMS for a secure installation. See Securing Your CrafterCMS Install for more information.

CrafterCMS provides the following methods for setting up CrafterCMS depending on your environment and in addition, instructions on setting up CrafterCMS using Crafter’s AWS AMI, clustering and deploying CrafterCMS in Kubernetes:

  1. Development Environment

    The quick start guide provides instructions on setting up a development environment by installing CrafterCMS from the prebuilt binaries

    To learn more about the developer workflow, see Introduction to the Developer Workflow with CrafterCMS.

  2. Production Environment

    The guide below provides instructions on how to setup a production environment

  3. Using Crafter’s AWS AMI

    Setup CrafterCMS authoring and delivery using Crafter’s AWS AMI.

  4. Clustering

    Setup Crafter Studio for high-availability via clustering

  5. Deploying CrafterCMS in Kubernetes

Tuning Delivery

Below you’ll find instructions how to enhance the delivery environment performance and how to setup various things for your delivery install


Here’s some more information on setting up and configuring your cluster


Here’s how to upgrade your CrafterCMS installations in Kubernetes, Docker Compose, or a server