• Document Up to Date
  • Updated On 4.0.3

JavaScript SDK

CrafterCMS has a JavaScript SDK that enable easy interaction with several CrafterCMS modules/utilities for creating websites and applications.

The JavaScript SDK have the following npm package names:

  • @craftercms/content - Contains services for retrieving content and navigation using APIs offered by CrafterCMS.
  • @craftercms/classes - Contains useful classes for developing CrafterCMS websites & applications.
  • @craftercms/models - Contains data model definitions of different structures of CrafterCMS. This interfaces are useful when developing in TypeScript.
  • @craftercms/redux - Contains tools for integrating your application with Crafter Engine and Crafter Search using Redux as the state container.
  • @craftercms/search - Contains tools for integrating your application with Crafter Search.
  • @craftercms/utils - Contains various utilities useful when developing with CrafterCMS
  • @craftercms/ice - Contains JavaScript utilities to use CrafterCMS In Context Editing in your Apps and Sites

See the blueprint Video Center in the Public Marketplace when creating a project in Crafter Studio for an example of using the above JavaScript SDK NPM packages.