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CrafterCMS comprises a number of projects:

Project Source Code Description
https://github.com/craftercms/commons Crafter Commons contains the shared libraries used by the rest of the projects comprising CrafterCMS.
https://github.com/craftercms/core Crafter Core is the content rendering library for CrafterCMS.
https://github.com/craftercms/craftercms This is the parent project that builds everything and prepares deployable binaries and a developer’s environment.
https://github.com/craftercms/deployer Crafter Deployer is the deployment agent for CrafterCMS.
https://github.com/craftercms/engine Crafter Engine provides content delivery services to power any type of Web or mobile application
https://github.com/craftercms/studio Crafter Studio provides all the content management services to enable authoring, management, and publishing of all content.
https://github.com/craftercms/docker-compose This project provides Docker compose files that allow you to run Docker containers for various CrafterCMS environments.
https://github.com/craftercms/profile Crafter Profile is a multi-tenant, platform independent, highly secure and scalable profile and attribute store. It allows web developers to easily add user login and user profile management to website applications. The module enables web developers to create secure login features and gather user profile information for use in targeting and personalization.
https://github.com/craftercms/social Crafter Social is a multi-tenant, platform independent user-generated content management system for handling all actions related to user-generated content (UGC), including the creation, updating and moderation of the content. It is highly scalable in terms of both the users & data, and secures the generated content using Crafter Profile and the Crafter Profile Security library.