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Breaking Changes in CrafterCMS 4.0.0

This section covers changes that might affect your CrafterCMS projects, as well as other considerations before upgrading. Please review the following and apply changes as required:

  • CrafterCMS 4.0.x requires Java 11 and Git. See Requirements and Supported Platforms for more information on CrafterCMS requirements.

  • nodeSelectors now always return an array, even if it’s an array of a single item
    See the following for more information on the change in return values:

  • Elasticsearch has breaking changes, for example: totalHits must now be called totalHits.value
    See here for more information on Elasticsearch breaking changes.

    Please note that most of the breaking changes are from Elasticsearch 6.8 to 7.0. Please take a look at the breaking changes listed for Elasticsearch 7.0 for more information.

  • Upgrading 3.1.x sites

    • CrafterCMS 4.0.0 has a new Studio UI. To get the same Sidebar you’re used to, update the User Interface Configuration

    • Update your Elasticsearch code to match the latest Elasticsearch changes. Elasticsearch has released a new Java API Client to replace the Rest High Level Client.

      See Migrating a site from the previous Elasticsearch client for more information on upgrading to the latest Elasticsearch client and query mechanism

    • Update ICE to move to XB (if desired).