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  • Updated On 4.0.0

DevContentOps Toolkit (Crafter CLI)

CrafterCMS provides a DevContentOps Toolkit to support DevContentOps processes in CrafterCMS. The DevContentOps Toolkit contains the CrafterCMS Command Line Interface (CLI), that allows you to authenticate with CrafterCMS and exercise its APIs via a Unix or Windows command line interface.

To run the command line tool (CrafterCMS Command line Interface (CLI) for DevContentOps processes), in your terminal program, navigate to the bin folder CRAFTER_HOME/bin/cli/bin/. There you will find two versions of the tool:

  • crafter-cli: - for users on a Linux/macOS operating system

  • crafter-cli.bat - for users on a Windows operating system

When using the crafter-cli, we first need to setup the connection to CrafterCMS before we can use the other available commands. To setup the connection, run the add-environment command, provide a name, the url for a CrafterCMS authoring server and the authentication information.

For the example below, we’ll use local for the name, http://localhost:8080 for the url, and your access token for the authentication. See here for the steps on how to create a token. Leave the token blank, you will be prompted for the token after issuing the add-environment command:

  ./crafter-cli add-environment -e local -u http://localhost:8080 --token
Enter value for --token (The access token for authentication):
Environment added

After setting up the connection to CrafterCMS, you may now create sites or sync a remote repository from the command line, etc:

Here’s an example of creating a site:

  ./crafter-cli create-site -e local -s myeditorial --blueprint org.craftercms.blueprint.editorial

Here’s an example of adding a remote to a site:

  ./crafter-cli add-remote -e local -s editorial -n origin -u http://github.com/john.doe/editorial.git

Here’s an example of syncing to a remote repository:

  ./crafter-cli sync-to -e local -s editorial -n origin -b site-updates

To view the available commands, type in ./crafter-cli -h

  ./crafter-cli -help
Usage: crafter-cli [-hV] [COMMAND]
  -h, --help      Show this help message and exit.
  -V, --version   Print version information and exit.
  help             Displays help information about the specified command
  add-environment  Adds the configuration to connect to CrafterCMS
  add-remote       Adds a remote repository to a site
  create-site      Creates a site from a blueprint or a remote repository
  list-remotes     List the remote repositories of a site
  sync-from        Sync the content of a site from a remote repository
  sync-to          Sync the content of a site to a remote repository
  list-sites       List the sites that the current user can access
  copy-plugin      Copies a plugin from a Studio local folder into a site

To view more information about each command, just enter ./crafter-cli <command>, for example:

  ./crafter-cli add-environment
Usage: crafter-cli add-environment --password [--config=path] -e=<environment>
                                [-p=<profile>] -u=<url> --username=<username>
Adds the configuration to connect to CrafterCMS
      --config=path         The folder to store configurations
  -e, --environment=<environment>
                            The name of the environment
  -p, --profile=<profile>   The name of the profile
      --password            The password for authentication
  -u, --url=<url>           The URL of the server
      --username=<username> The username for authentication

Crafter CrafterCMS Command line Interface (CLI) for DevContentOps processes source code is managed in GitHub: https://github.com/craftercms/cli