Plugin Management

Site plugins extend Crafter Studio (authoring) and Crafter Engine and the site/web application (delivery). It adds new features/functionality without adding code to Crafter CMS.

This section details how to manage plugins from the siteConfig Plugin Management module.


Once a site plugin is published to the Crafter CMS Marketplace it can be installed using the Crafter Studio user interface or the REST API:


To access the Plugin Management tool or use the install plugin REST API your user needs to have the following permissions:

  • list_plugins

  • install_plugins

As mentioned above, there are two ways to install plugins from the Crafter CMS Marketplace:

  • Using the Studio Plugin Management Site Tool

  • Using the install plugin REST API

Install a plugin using the Studio Plugin Management Site Tool

  1. Login to Crafter Studio

  2. Open the left sidebar by clicking on the Crafter logo with the hamburger icon next to it at the top left of your screen

    Crafter Studio open the sidebar

  3. Open siteConfig

    Crafter Studio Site Tools

  4. Open Plugin Management

    Crafter Studio Plugin Management

  5. Click Search & install

    Crafter Studio Search Plugins

  6. Install the desired plugins by clicking on the Install button

    Crafter Studio Install Plugins

    A snack bar informing the user of the plugin installation status (success/failure/etc.) will appear on the top right

    Crafter Studio Install Plugins Successful

Install a plugin using the install plugin REST API

Another way to install a plugin from the Crafter CMS marketplace is by using the install plugin REST API.

For more information on the API, see

Managing Installed Plugins

To view the installed plugins in your site, open the Sidebar. Click on Site Tools, then Plugin Management.

Crafter Studio Installed Plugins