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CrafterCMS 4.0 Documentation

CrafterCMS is a modern headless+ content management platform for building digital experience applications including:

  • Single Page Applications (SPAs) using frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular

  • Native mobile apps and headless applications (IOT, digital signage, wearables, etc.)

  • HTML5 websites using Bootstrap or other HTML frameworks

  • eCommerce front-ends

  • OTT video experiences on AWS Elemental Media Services

  • AR/VR applications using A-Frame

CrafterCMS is a dynamic CMS based on Git and supports DevContentOps processes for code and content. It is also a hybrid-headless, API-first (GraphQL, REST, in-process) CMS, and that allows developers to use their favorite UI framework and tools.

CrafterCMS differentiates itself from other CMSs with its architecture: microservices-based, serverless, elastic and planet-wide scalability. To learn more, see the CrafterCMS Architecture.

This Manual introduces key concepts in CrafterCMS, presents the authoring and development environment, and provides operational and administrative considerations and procedures as well as a comprehensive reference section.

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