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  • Updated On 4.0.3

Studio’s Core Configuration

The core configuration file for Crafter Studio studio-config.yaml is located under CRAFTER_HOME/bin/apache-tomcat/webapps/studio/WEB-INF/classes/crafter/studio and contains pre-configured settings.

Remember that we do not recommend making changes to the core configuration file studio-config.yaml. There are two override files available to make changes to the pre-configured settings in the core configuration file for Crafter Studio:

The above override configuration articles lists some settings that you may want to override in Crafter Studio.

Let’s take a look at some of the pre-configured settings in studio-config.yaml that you may want to override using the two files mentioned above.

Commit Messages

Here are the default commit messages when someone makes content changes and can be customized by overriding them using one of the override files.

 1# Repository commit prologue message
 3# Repository commit postscript message
 5# Sandbox repository write commit message
 6studio.repo.sandbox.write.commitMessage: "User {username} wrote content {path}"
 7# Published repository commit message
 8studio.repo.published.commitMessage: "Publish event triggered by {username} on {datetime} via {source}.\n\nPublish note from user: \"{message}\"\n\nCommit ID: {commit_id}\n\nPackage ID: {package_id}"
 9# Commit message to mark commit not to process when syncing database
10studio.repo.syncDB.commitMessage.noProcessing: "STUDIO: NO PROCESSING"
11# Create new repository commit message
12studio.repo.createRepository.commitMessage: "Create new repository."
13# Create sandbox branch commit message
14studio.repo.createSandboxBranch.commitMessage: "Create {sandbox} branch."
15# Initial commit message
16studio.repo.initialCommit.commitMessage: "Initial commit."
17# Create as orphan commit message
18studio.repo.createAsOrphan.commitMessage: "Created as orphan."
19# Blueprints updated commit message
20studio.repo.blueprintsUpdated.commitMessage: "Blueprints updated."
21# Create folder commit message
22studio.repo.createFolder.commitMessage: "Created folder site: {site} path: {path}"
23# Delete content commit message
24studio.repo.deleteContent.commitMessage: "Delete file {path}"
25# Move content commit message
26studio.repo.moveContent.commitMessage: "Moving {fromPath} to {toPath}"
27# Copy content commit message
28studio.repo.copyContent.commitMessage: "Copying {fromPath} to {toPath}"

Server Time Zone for Date Time Format

The default server time zone used by Studio is UTC and can be overridden using one of the override files.

# Default studio server time zone for date time format
studio.configuration.defaultTimeZone: UTC

See Project Time Zone for more information on how to customize site dates & times displayed on Studio UI

Editable Mime Types

Here’s the default list of MIME-types editable in Studio:

# Item MIME-types that are editable directly in Crafter Studio
 - text/plain
 - text/html
 - text/css
 - text/x-freemarker
 - application/javascript
 - application/json
 - application/xml
 - application/xhtml+xml

Cache Settings

Here’s the cache control settings for templates and assets:

# If Studio should cache its FreeMarker templates
studio.cache.templates: true
# Indicates if the browser should cache responses for static-assets
studio.cache.assets.enabled: true
# The max age in seconds that the browser should cache responses for requests matching `studio.cache.assets.maxAge.includeUrls`
studio.cache.assets.maxAge: 3600
# The urls that should include max-age=<studio.cache.assets.maxAge> in Cache-Control header. Other urls will be set to default max-age=0, must-revalidate
studio.cache.assets.maxAge.includeUrls: /static-assets/**,/1/plugin/file/**