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Upgrading CrafterCMS

This section details the steps required to upgrade your CrafterCMS install.


  • This guide assumes that you’re trying to upgrade a project from a stock 3.1.x Studio and with some slight Studio configuration changes. If your project configuration is heavily customized or your Studio is a custom overlay you might need additional work that is not specified here.

  • The following release versions are able to upgrade to 4.0.0

    • 3.1.9
    • 3.1.12
    • 3.1.13
    • 3.1.17 and later versions

    If you are upgrading from a version other than the ones listed above, you will need to upgrade to one of the above listed supported upgrade paths release version first before upgrading to 4.0.0. See the 3.1 release’s Upgrading CrafterCMS page here: https://docs.craftercms.org

Here are the instructions for upgrading CrafterCMS based on how it was installed: