The detailed roadmap is maintained in our issue planning and tracking system, and you can find that here:

At a high-level, we’re pursuing the objectives listed below in order:

  • SPA Support II
    • ICE (In-Context Editing) Pencils for React JS and Angular (possible now, but not as easy as we want it to be)
    • Drag and Drop for React, Angular, and Vue (possible now, but not as easy as we want it to be)
  • Crafter Studio features
    • Schedule an item for publishing and continue editing it (specific-version publishing)
    • Improved delete mechanics
    • Improved in-context editing including better drag and drop mechanics
    • Crafter Studio Marketplace for blueprints and new blueprints
    • Time-travel mechanics to preview sites across time
    • Crafter Studio UI enhancements using React components that weave in
    • Integrate Crafter Profile Admin and Crafter Social Admin directly into Crafter Studio

Recently Completed

  • Elasticsearch
    • Becomes the default search engine (we continue to support Solr)
    • Full support for AWS Elasticsearch
  • Serverless Crafter CMS
    • Full support for Kubernetes clustering vanilla or AWS EKS
    • Crafter Engine backed by AWS S3 (or compatible services)
    • Crafter CMS provided Docker images
    • Search is provided by Elasticsearch and is scaled separately
  • GraphQL
    • Query content in Engine via GraphQL
  • SPA Support I
  • Crafter Studio features
    • Advanced multi-master clustering for the authoring environment
    • New search backend based on Elasticsearch for better search in authoring
    • Advanced Git workflow mechanics
      • Specify a branch per site
      • Add remote repositories and pull/push from the GUI
    • Added support for a staging waypoint (an environment where you can stage your project before pushing it to production)
    • S3 connector for uploading large media assets
    • Box connector for uploading/linking to Box assets
    • WebDAV connector for uploading/linking to WebDAV assets
    • AWS Media Services integration for video processing (upload, transcode, stream ABR video)
  • Crafter Engine