This section focuses on how to customize and extend Crafter CMS. It covers the basic topics you need to define a content type and render that content as part of a page, component or service. It also covers topics like building queries, accessing services and extending the core platforms.

Subsystems and API Documentation

Crafter CMS comprises a number of projects, below are the project specific documentations including APIs.

Cookbook / Tutorials

Below is a short set of links to other documentation for technology that Crafter CMS leverages:

Attribute Name Usage Links
Spring Beans
Spring MVC
Server App Framework


Server side templates


Server side scripting


Search and content query


Search and content query


Crafter Profile and Social
data store
Repository Implementation

Documentation source format


Crafter CMS is a Git-based CMS. Please note that your system’s global git ignore file (list of rules for ignoring files in every Git repository on your computer) is respected by Crafter CMS. In case you find some of your content not being committed into Crafter CMS, check your global git ignore file to verify the content you’re committing is not being ignored.