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Crafter Social

Crafter Social

Crafter Social is a multi-tenant, platform independent user-generated content management system for handling all actions related to user-generated content (UGC), including the creation, updating and moderation of the content. It is built on MongoDB and uses Crafter Profile for profile, tenant, roles management, and authentication. Crafter Social is highly scalable in terms of both the users & data, and secures the generated content using Crafter Profile and the Crafter Profile Security library. As a headless, RESTful application, Crafter Social allows for loosely coupled integration with the vertical applications using it. Some examples of these vertical applications include:

  • a products site, for example a books site with reviews & ratings,

  • a ratings site and

  • a blogging application with threaded comments.

Source Code

Crafter Social’s source code is managed in GitHub: https://github.com/craftercms/social

Java Doc

Crafter Social’s Java Doc is here: http://javadoc.craftercms.org/3.1.31/social/index.html



To configure Crafter Social, please see Crafter Social System Administration