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  • Updated On 4.0.3

CrafterCMS Blueprint Descriptor

The craftercms-plugin.yaml file contains information for use in CrafterCMS. This descriptor file contains information about your extension, such as the license, the versions of CrafterCMS supported, and other configurations and metadata. In this section, we’ll take a look at a blueprint descriptor file.

Below is a sample descriptor file for a blueprint:

Sample blueprint descriptor file
 1# This file describes a blueprint for use in CrafterCMS
 3# The version of the format for this file
 4descriptorVersion: 2
 6# Describe the plugin
 8  type: blueprint
 9  id: org.craftercms.blueprint.empty
10  name: Empty Blueprint
11  tags:
12    - blueprint
13    - website
14  version:
15    major: 1
16    minor: 0
17    patch: 0
18  description: |
19    Simple empty blueprint
20  website:
21    name: Empty Blueprint
22    url: https://craftercms.org
23  media:
24    screenshots:
25     - title: Home Page
26       description: Screenshot of the homepage
27       url: /studio/static-assets/images/blueprints/empty/bp_empty.png
28    developer:
29    company:
30      name: CrafterCMS
31      email: info@craftercms.com
32      url: https://craftercms.com/
33  license:
34    name: MIT
35    url: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
36  crafterCmsVersions:
37    - major: 4
38      minor: 0
39      patch: 0
40  crafterCmsEditions:
41    - community
42    - enterprise

Here are some things to note in the descriptor file:

Descriptor file fields





The version of the format for this file which is currently 2


Set the value to blueprint


A unique Id that is meaningful/recognizable to people who will be using the blueprint


The name displayed in the Crafter Marketplace.
Pick a unique name for your blueprint. You can check in the Crafter Marketplace if
the name you picked does not exist yet.
It’s also a best practice to provide a name for your blueprint that is meaningful or
recognizable to users. The name can be multiple words such as Video Center


The version number for the blueprint


Contains a short description of the blueprint and is displayed underneath the blueprint name in
the Crafter Marketplace


Can be a page for more information on your blueprint or for announcing updates, reporting bugs, etc.
from your user community.


The path to look for a representative image of the blueprint.
If plugin.media.url is not specified, the url ../.crafter/screenshots/default.png is the default path for CrafterCMS to look for a default representative image of a blueprint.
For more information on adding a default representative image for your blueprint see
Adding a default image for a blueprint


The license supported by the blueprint


Contains the CrafterCMS version/s that the plugin is compatible with
(look in the Release Notes section for the versions available), and
you’ll need to keep this up to date


For the images to be used for the screenshots in the craftercms-plugin.yaml file, we recommend using images with approximately a 4:3 aspect ratio (width to height), such as an image sized at 1200x800