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Global Role Mappings Config

The global role mappings config contains the role mappings for groups created in CrafterCMS that needs global permissions. For more information on groups, see Groups Management

To access the global role mappings config file, using your favorite editor, navigate to CRAFTER_HOME/data/repos/global/configuration/ then open the file global-role-mappings-config.xml. Remember to restart Crafter so your changes to the file will take effect.

2  <groups>
3    <group name="system_admin">
4      <role>system_admin</role>
5    </group>
6   </groups>

Default Global Role

CrafterCMS comes with a predefined global role system_admin out of the box.

Users with the system_admin role have access to everything in the CMS such as all the modules in the Main Menu for managing users, groups, etc., all the sites and configuration files, creating/editing layouts, templates, taxonomies, content types, scripts, etc. in addition to creating and editing content, as well as the ability to approve and reject workflow.

See Global Permission Mappings Config for more information on all items accessible for the system_admin role.