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Using the Encryption Tool

Crafter Commons provides a command line tool that can be used to encrypt/decrypt text. It’s specially useful for encrypting values that will be used in configuration files. The encryption algorithm used is PBE (Password Based Encryption) with AES, in which a password and a salt are specified to generate the key used on encryption/decryption.

Using the tool is very simple. First build the Crafter Commons source code and go to the target folder of the utilities sub-module, where you should find the JAR with the -enctool suffix. Then you can run any of the following commands:

  • Encode text in Base 64: java -jar {JARNAME} -e64 CLEAR_TEXT

    java -jar crafter-commons-utilities-3.0.1-enctool.jar -e64 KniOddyi
    Encoded text in Base 64: S25pT2RkeWk=
  • Decode Base 64 text: java -jar {JARNAME} -d64 BASE64_TEXT

    java -jar crafter-commons-utilities-3.0.1-enctool.jar -d64 S25pT2RkeWk=
    Decoded Base 64 text: KniOddyi
  • Encrypt text: java -jar {JARNAME} -e CLEAR_TEXT -p PASSWORD -s BASE64_SALT

    java -jar crafter-commons-utilities-3.0.1-enctool.jar -e c852cb30cda311e488300800200c9a66 -p klanFogyetkonjo -s S25pT2RkeWk=
    Cipher text (in Base 64): VkHxBsaSZ9DXrXk52uK9And+CEZlqiy7Wb23GxBFOSXD6KBOCh1ojp8fUw7w11IxpxBipiI4HsSg3cdl9TgTQg==
  • Decrypt text: java -jar {JARNAME} -d CIPHER_TEXT -p PASSWORD -s BASE64_SALT

    java -jar crafter-commons-utilities-3.0.1-enctool.jar -d VkHxBsaSZ9DXrXk52uK9And+CEZlqiy7Wb23GxBFOSXD6KBOCh1ojp8fUw7w11IxpxBipiI4HsSg3cdl9TgTQg== -p klanFogyetkonjo -s S25pT2RkeWk=
    Clear text: c852cb30cda311e488300800200c9a66