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Profiles Management

Search Profiles

To find a specific profile you can click the Search Profiles link in the left sidebar.

Crafter Social search profiles

In the search page you need to select the right tenant from the dropdown, indicate the username of the profile and then press the search button.

In this page you can find basic information and manage the social roles for the profiles, if you need to change anything else in the profile you need to use the Crafter Profile Admin Console UI.

Update Roles

From the search page you can click the ID of the profile to see the details:

Crafter Social profile

To change the roles you need to select the right Context from the dropdown and indicate all the roles you want to set for the user.

Social Roles




This is the only role allowed to create new Social Contexts


Provides complete access to manage data in Crafter Social


Provides access to view and manage the new content that needs


Users with this role will receive emails when the Email Moderation
feature is enabled


Provides access to create and update new content


Special role used in request when no user has logged in and there is
no profile available