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Crafter Profile Admin Console UI

Crafter Profile Admin Console consists of a single WAR file, with a dependency on access to Crafter Profile. This web application provides a simple way to manage all data related to tenants and profiles without the need to call the Crafter Profile API directly.


New Installation

You can follow the instructions for building a complete binary archive of CrafterCMS as described here.

Existing Installation

If you want to add Crafter Profile Admin Console to an existing installation you only need to build or download the WAR file making sure it matches the version of all other components.

To deploy the application you only need to move the WAR file into $CRAFTER_HOME/bin/apache-tomcat/webapps

Configuration Guide

Similar to other CrafterCMS components you can configure the Profile Admin Console using a simple properties file placed in the following location:


You can change any of the default configuration, some of the more relevant properties are:



Property Description
URL where Crafter Profile is deployed, can be an
external server
Access Token used by the Admin Console application,
can be changed in the first login