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  • Updated On 4.0.3

Tenants Management

Tenants can be used to organize profiles separating them by company or department or project. This allows better control over data access by the applications.

After the installation there is only one tenant named default, it will include the roles and attributes used by the Crafter Profile Admin Console and Crafter Profile. You are free to change it or create a new one to replace it.

List All

To view all existing tenants you can click the List Tenants link in the left sidebar.

Crafter Profile admin tenants list

In this page you can see the names of the tenants and delete them if needed.


When you delete a tenant, all profiles created under it will be also deleted and there is no way to recover the data.

Create New Tenant

You can create a new tenant by clicking the New Tenant link in the left sidebar.

Crafter Profile admin new tenant


Field Required Type Description
Name String
Unique name for the tenant
Verify Profiles   Boolean
If set to true new profiles created for
this tenant will not be available until the
verification process is completed
Enable Single Sign-On   Boolean
If set to true Crafter Profile will enable
SSO security by looking for two properties in
HTTP headers:
CRAFTER_username and CRAFTER_email
these names can be changed by changing Crafter
Profile security provider configuration. SSO
is typically implemented using SAML2 and
Apache mod_auth_mellon.
Cleanse Attributes   Boolean
If set to true, escape HTML tags in
values for attributes of type TEXT,
Available Roles   List
List of roles that profiles can have
Attribute Definitions   List
List of attributes that profiles can have

Profile Verification

If your project or application will be open to the general public, it is a good idea to avoid spam by enabling the profile verification feature. When a tenant has this feature enabled and you include the crafter.profile.management.profile.verificationUrl property in the configuration, all new users will receive a verification email and the profile will be enabled only when the process is completed.

Crafter Profile admin verification mail

Example verification mail using http://www.example.com as the verificationUrl


You can change the email sender, subject and body template in the Crafter Profile configuration.


Roles are simple strings used to differentiate users for business logic. In your project or application you can check if a profile has certain roles to choose what content they can see or change.

Crafter Profile Admin Console uses the following roles:


If you are going to have multiple users using the Profile Admin Console you can change the roles to make sure only the appropriate users are able to change sensitive content.

Attribute Definitions

A tenant can have any number of custom attributes according to the needs of each project or application. The attributes are used to store meta data used in the business logic. When a new profile is created you can set a value for each one of the attributes defined in the tenant.

Crafter Profile update tenants attributes

Field Required Type Description
Name String
Unique name for the attribute
Label String
Label shown in the Admin Console only
Type String
Type of value for the attribute
- Text
- Large Text
- Number
- Boolean
- String List
- Complex
Default Value    
Initial value if none is provided, the type
will change depending on each attribute
Display Order Integer
Used by the Admin Console to sort the
attributes in the view/update form
Attribute Permissions List
List of applications with the permissions for
each one

Update Tenant

From the list page you can click the name of a tenant to open the update page:

Crafter Profile update tenants

All fields can be changed except for the name.


Changes for the roles and attribute definitions will only affect new profiles, existing ones will not be updated automatically.