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Profiles Management

Profiles hold data for each user of the site or application, each profile needs to be related to a tenant because it will inherit the attribute definitions and available roles.

Create New Profile

To create a new profile you can click the New Profile link in the left sidebar.

Crafter Profile admin new profiles


Field Required Type Description
Username String
Unique username for the new profile
Tenant String
Tenant to which the new profile will belong
Email String
Email for the new profile
Password String
Password for the new profile
Enabled   Boolean
If set to false the authentication for the
new profile will always fail
Roles   List
List of roles that will be assigned to the
new profile

Custom Fields

Crafter Profile Admin Console will display an additional field for each one of the attribute definition in the selected tenant. The input will change depending on the attribute type.


Custom Fields are always optional, if no default value is set in the tenant they will remain empty.

Some attribute types such as Complex can only be changed using the API, those fields will appear to be disabled in the Admin Console.

Update Profile

From the list page you can click the ID of a profile to open the update page:

Crafter Profile admin update profiles

When updating an existing profile the username and tenant are not editable.

Additional Fields

These fields are not shown in the new profile form because the values are always assigned automatically by Crafter Profile.

Field Type Description
Verified Boolean
Indicates if the verification process has been completed by the
Created On Date
Date when the profile was created
Last Modified On Date
Date when the profile was last updated