Crafter CMS 3.1.1


  • Upgraded Spring Boot to 2.1.6

  • Upgraded Spring Security to 4.2.13

  • Upgraded Jackson Databind library to for various Crafter modules

  • Embedded MariaDB upgraded to version 10.4.6

  • Upgraded GraphiQL version

  • Upgraded JGit version to v5.4.0.201906121030-r

  • Upgraded jQuery version to 3.4.1

  • Several improvements for GraphQL schema generation, added support for fragments and complex filters in queries and added integration for url transformation service in queries in GraphQL

  • Added message in sites dashboard for users who are not members of any sites

  • Added support UI and API support in Crafter Studio for resolving conflicted repository states

  • Documentation updates

  • Other security related patches

New Features

  • Added plugin support for Form Engine Controls and Data Sources

  • Added deployer target lifecycle hook support

  • Added support UI and API support for Quick Create

  • Added data source for uploading then transcoding video using AWS MediaConvert

  • Added numbers only and time only controls

  • Added Engine API to check if preview is enabled

  • Added support for user controlled publishing of soft and hard dependencies

Lot’s of other small enhancements and bug fixes :)

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.1.1 Milestone


Please see Upgrading Crafter CMS for instructions on how to update your Crafter CMS install to 3.1.1

For Linux installs, the embedded MariaDB upgrade requires the library libaio which is not installed by default in some Linux distributions. Please see the section on Linux Prerequisites in Linux Prerequisite for instructions on how to install the library libaio