Publishing and Status

The Publishing under siteConfig allows the user to view the publishing status, perform a bulk publish , to publish commits from sandbox repository by commit id and view the publishing queue.


The Status tab allows the user to view the publishing status, such as the following:

  • User status: User {username} disabled publishing for site on {datetime}

  • User status: User {username} enabled publishing for site on {datetime}

  • Error status: Stopped while trying to publish item: {item_path} on {datetime}

  • Publishing status: Currently publishing package: {package_id} on {datetime}

It also allows the user to Start or Stop Studio publishing

Site Config Publishing - Status :align: center

Bulk Publish

The Bulk Publish tab allows the user to publish multiple items under the specified path. For example, using the Website Editorial blueprint, to publish all the articles in the year 2017, in the Path to Publish field, enter /site/website/articles/2017. To publish everything in your site, the user will enter / in the Path to Publish field

Site Config Publishing - Bulk Publishing :align: center

Publish by Commit ID(s)

Crafter Studio also allows the user to publish commits from sandbox repository by commit id.

Site Config Publishing - Publish by Commit ID(s) :align: center

To publish by commit id, let’s use a site created using the Website Editorial blueprint and follow the steps below:

  • Edit the Home page (/site/website/index.xm) from the command line or anywhere other than Studio

  • From the command line, commit your changes

    $ cd crafter-authoring/data/repos/sites/mysite/sandbox/site/website
    $ git add .
    $ git commit
  • Get the commit id after doing the above step

    $ git log
    commit f47c9a5bae4184e7b5ff2cb03b90b8ff86adec37 (HEAD -> master)
    Author: myuser <>
    Date:   Fri Mar 15 10:09:57 2019 -0400
        edited home page outside of studio
    commit 1121d1b90d7b3131025932b6a0f0269d918caa11
    Author: admin admin <>
    Date:   Fri Mar 15 09:31:57 2019 -0400

    The commit id we want to publish by commit id is f47c9a5bae4184e7b5ff2cb03b90b8ff86adec37

  • Go back to Studio and click on siteConfig -> Publishing

  • Click on the Publish by Commit ID(s) tab

  • Paste the commit id from the step where we got the commit id, then click on the Publish button

Publishing Queue

The Publishing Queue tab allows the user to see the items(publishing packages) that are in the queue for publishing.

Site Config Publishing - Publishing Queue :align: center

Publishing packages contains the following information:

  • An id for the publishing package

  • The environment item is published/to be published

  • Username that sent/requested publishing package

  • Submission comment

  • State of the publishing package

  • Scheduled Date for publishing the package

  • A list of file(s) contained in the publishing package with the following information:

    • The content type

    • The content path

Site Config Publishing - Publishing Package :align: center

You can filter the publishing queue displayed, based on the following:

  • Path Expression (e.g. simple regex /SOME/PATH/*)

  • Environment (a list of all available environments)

  • State of the publishing packages

    The following are the applicable states to publishing packages.

    • All

    • Ready for Live: Item is scheduled and waiting in the queue to be published

    • Processing: Item is being published

    • Completed: Item has been published

    • Cancelled: Item has been removed from the queue (publishing was cancelled)

    • Blocked: Item is blocking the publishing queue

Site Config Publishing - Publishing Queue Filters

Filtering shows packages where one or more items in the package match. The default filter is set for items that are in State READY_FOR_LIVE and Environment All which will show a list of packages that are ready to go live.

Below, we have the filter set to display items in the COMPLETED state

Site Config Publishing - Publishing Queue Filter Completed

Packages in the READY_FOR_LIVE state can be selected and the publishing package cancelled. In the image below, we have two publishing packages selected with the Cancel Selected button clicked and confirming if the user wants to set the state of the selected publishing packages to state CANCELLED

Site Config Publishing - Publishing Queue Filter Completed