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Setting Workflow States

There are times when a file/item in your site gets in a state that you would want to manually correct. Workflow States allows the user to manually set the workflow state of every file in the site.

To manually set the workflow state of a file in your site, find the file/s you’d like to change the workflow state and put a checkmark on the box next to it. Towards the top of your browser, right next to your site name, click on Set States

Site Admin - Site Config Set Workflow States

A dialog will launch prompting you to select the state you would like to set your selection to, by clicking on the dropdown box

Site Admin - Site Config Select Workflow State Dialog

Select the desired state from the dropdown box and click on the Set States button

Site Admin - Site Config Available Workflow States

Here are the available workflow states:

  • NEW_UNPUBLISHED_LOCKED: “New Unpublished Locked”

  • NEW_UNPUBLISHED_UNLOCKED: “New Unpublished Unlocked”

  • NEW_SUBMITTED_WITH_WF_SCHEDULED: “New Submitted with Workflow Scheduled”

  • NEW_SUBMITTED_WITH_WF_SCHEDULED_LOCKED: “New Submitted with Workflow Scheduled Locked”

  • NEW_SUBMITTED_WITH_WF_UNSCHEDULED: “New Submitted with Workflow Unscheduled”

  • NEW_SUBMITTED_WITH_WF_UNSCHEDULED_LOCKED: “New Submitted with Workflow Unscheduled Locked”

  • NEW_SUBMITTED_NO_WF_SCHEDULED: “New Submitted without Workflow Scheduled”

  • NEW_SUBMITTED_NO_WF_SCHEDULED_LOCKED: “New Submitted without Workflow Scheduled Locked”

  • NEW_SUBMITTED_NO_WF_UNSCHEDULED: “New Submitted without Workflow Unscheduled”

  • NEW_PUBLISHING_FAILED: “New Publishing Failed”

  • NEW_DELETED: “New Deleted”

  • EXISTING_UNEDITED_LOCKED: “Existing Unedited Locked”

  • EXISTING_UNEDITED_UNLOCKED: “Existing Unedited Unlocked”

  • EXISTING_EDITED_LOCKED: “Existing Edited Locked”

  • EXISTING_EDITED_UNLOCKED: “Existing Edited Unlocked”

  • EXISTING_SUBMITTED_WITH_WF_SCHEDULED: “Existing Submitted with Workflow Scheduled”

  • EXISTING_SUBMITTED_WITH_WF_SCHEDULED_LOCKED: “Existing Submitted with Workflow Scheduled Locked”

  • EXISTING_SUBMITTED_WITH_WF_UNSCHEDULED: “Existing Submitted with Workflow Unscheduled”

  • EXISTING_SUBMITTED_WITH_WF_UNSCHEDULED_LOCKED: “Existing Submitted with Workflow Unscheduled Locked”

  • EXISTING_SUBMITTED_NO_WF_SCHEDULED: “Existing Submitted without Workflow Scheduled”

  • EXISTING_SUBMITTED_NO_WF_SCHEDULED_LOCKED: “Existing Submitted without Workflow Scheduled Locked”

  • EXISTING_SUBMITTED_NO_WF_UNSCHEDULED: “Existing Submitted without Workflow Unscheduled”

  • EXISTING_PUBLISHING_FAILED: “Existing Publishing Failed”

  • EXISTING_DELETED: “Existing Deleted”