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Reindexing Content Without Disrupting Service in Production

In some scenarios it’s not possible/appropriate to delete a live index and wait for the index to rebuild in production. Perhaps the index is driving dynamic features on the site that will break while the index is empty or being rebuilt. In these scenarios you need a process for building the index off line and swapping it in.

Step 1: Content freeze

Once you are about to start a reindex you need to freeze your authoring/editing activity. If content is being updated in the live environment while you are rebuilding your indexes, you may miss updates. Ask the authors not to publish during your re-index process.

Step 2: Recreate Index

To simplify recreating an index of a site using Elasticsearch, CrafterCMS provides an API that recreates the underlying Elasticsearch index with the specified environment and site name.


Simply call the API above with the required parameters to recreate your site index.

See here for more information on the API.

Step 7: Unfreeze Content

Now that reindexing is done, notify your authors that they may start editing and publishing activity.