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Studio Configuration Files

The core configuration file for Crafter Studio studio-config.yaml contains pre-configured settings and is located in your Authoring installation under CRAFTER_HOME/bin/apache-tomcat/webapps/studio/WEB-INF/classes/crafter/studio. See Studio’s Core Configuration for more information.

We do not recommend making changes to the core configuration file studio-config.yaml. There are two override files available to make changes to the pre-configured settings in the core configuration file for Crafter Studio:

  • Studio Configuration Override file studio-config-override.yaml located under CRAFTER_HOME/bin/apache-tomcat/shared/classes/crafter/studio/extension can be accessed by opening the file using your favorite editor

    See Studio’s Configuration Overrides for more information

  • Global Studio Configuration Override file studio-config-override.yaml located under CRAFTER_HOME/data/repos/global/configuration can be accessed from Studio from the Navigation Menu under Global Config

    See Navigation Menu Global Config for more information

Properties will be overridden according to the order the files are loaded which is the same as the list above: core configuration file studio-config.yaml, Studio configuration override file studio-config-override.yaml, global Studio configuration override file studio-config-override.yaml. If the same property is present in all files, the value from the global Studio configuration file will be used.

Any changes made to any of the override files listed above will require a restart of Crafter Studio for the changes to take effect.