Crafter CMS 3.1.0

New Features

  • Added Elasticsearch support

    • The default search engine for Crafter CMS is now Elasticsearch (we continue to support Solr)

    • Full support for AWS Elasticsearch as well as vanilla Elasticsearch

    • Improved Studio search with new search backend based on Elasticsearch

  • New Crafter Studio features

    • Added Crafter Studio multi-master clustering

    • Added Studio form engine TinyMCE 5 support

    • Added Studio upgrade engine that performs site and blueprint upgrades automatically moving forward

    • Added Video Center Blueprint, a live, live-to-VOD, and video serving site on Crafter CMS.

  • Serverless Delivery

    • Full support for Kubernetes clustering vanilla or AWS EKS

    • Crafter Engine backed by AWS S3 (or compatible services)

    • Added native Docker support. Crafter CMS provided Docker images now available

    • Search is provided by Elasticsearch and is scaled separately

  • Added GraphQL support (Studio and Engine)

  • Added indexing of assets on external storage such as Box, S3, WebDAV, and CMIS


  • Solr library upgraded to 7.x

  • Improved AWS Media Services integration for video processing (upload, transcode, stream ABR video)

  • Improved S3 datasource integration

  • Improved Crafter Studio user management

  • Improved Crafter Studio/Engine configuration management

    • Support added for a staging waypoint (an environment where you can stage your project before pushing it to production environments)

  • Improved Crafter Studio create site experience

  • Improved code editor for editing code, configuration and textual things (text blocks in forms) in Crafter Studio

  • Improved Crafter Studio external preview support

  • Improved Crafter Studio ICE support

  • Improved logging interface

  • Improved Crafter Studio LDAP/SSO (for new groups)

  • Improved Crafter Studio auditing interface

Lot’s of other small enhancements and bug fixes :)

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.1.0 Milestone


Please see Instructions for Upgrading to Crafter CMS 3.1.0 from a previous 3.0.x version for instructions on how to update your Crafter CMS install and for some important notes about the update.