Crafter CMS 3.1.3


  • Fixed bug where field name postfixes were enforced on Crafter CMS reserved fields for older upgraded sites

For a full list of tickets, please visit: GitHub 3.1.3 Milestone


Please see Upgrading Crafter CMS for instructions on how to update your Crafter CMS install to 3.1.1 (applies to 3.1.3)

For Docker/Kuber deployments, see Docker/Kuber Instructions for Upgrading to Crafter CMS 3.1.3 from 3.1.0 version for instructions on how to upgrade from 3.1.0 to 3.1.3

For Linux installs, the embedded MariaDB upgrade requires the library libaio which is not installed by default in some Linux distributions. Please see the section on Linux Prerequisites in Linux Prerequisite for instructions on how to install the library libaio