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Groups Management

Groups Management allows you to administrate the groups created on CrafterCMS. You can add, remove, edit, and manage the users that will belong to the groups and you can also add and remove groups.

Here’s a list of predefined groups and roles in CrafterCMS:

System administrator
Site administrator
Site author
Site developer
Site reviewer
Site publisher

You can add more groups defined whenever needed. The list above is just a starting point for when you first create your site. The following sections will give you more details on users and groups. The next sections, Permission Mappings and Role Mappings describes how to setup/assign permissions and roles.

To find this section through studio follow the next instructions:

  1. Click on Main Menu mainMenu at the top right of your browser.

  2. Click on Groups from the main menu on the left side of your browser.

Groups Management

Searching Groups

You can search for groups by their properties (Display Name, Description), simply enter your search term into the search bar and it will show results that match your search term.

Groups Management Search

Adding a New Group

To create a new group, you just need to click on the “New Group” button,

Site Config - Groups New

then, a modal dialog will show up with the required fields for the group creation. Enter a display name and a short description for the new group. After filling the form, click on Create, and the new group will show in the groups table.

Site Config - Groups Create Dialog

A notification of successful group creation will pop up for a few seconds after clicking on the Create button.

Site Config - Groups Created Notification

Removing a Group

To remove a group, select a group from the list and click on the trash can icon to the right of the group you would like to remove.

Site Config - Groups Remove Icon

A confirmation dialog will appear asking you if you want to delete the group. Click on Yes to remove the group.

Site Config - Groups Remove Confirmation

On successful removal of the group, a notification will appear for a few seconds that the group has been deleted.

Site Config - Groups Removed Notification

Editing an Existing Group

To edit a group, click on the pencil located at the right side of the group on the list,

Site Config - Groups Edit Icon

then, a modal dialog will show up. In this dialog, you can modify the group name and description, just click on the Save button after making your changes to either group name or description. You can also add/remove users from the group. Finally, you’ll see a list of all users that belong to the group. To return to the list of all groups in your site, click on Back to groups at the top right of the dialog.

Site Config - Groups Edit

Adding Users to a Group

To add a user to a group, pick the group you want to add users, then click the pencil to the right of the group name, the same as the instructions listed above for editing a group, then click in the search box labeled Add new members and type in the name, username or email of the user you want to add to the group.

Site Config - Groups Add User Search

Notice that it will give you a list of matching users, select the user you want to add and if you want to add some more users to the group, just type in the names, then click on the Add members button.

Site Config - Groups Add Members

It will then give you a notification that the users has been successfully added to the group. Notice that the added user is now listed in the member list at the bottom of the page.

Site Config - Groups Members Added Notification

Removing Users from a Group

To remove a user from the group, click on the trash can icon to the right of the user.

Site Config - Groups Remove Members

It will then ask you for confirmation if you want to delete the user from the group, click on Yes to delete the user from the group.

Site Config - Groups Remove Members Confirmation