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Using Custom Processors with Crafter Deployer

Crafter Deployer can be easily configured to match different needs but in case additional features are needed it is also possible to include custom libraries by following this guide:

Step 1: Create the custom processor

Custom processors are completely free to use any third party library or SDK, the only requisite is to define a class that implements the DeploymentProcessor interface.


It is highly recommended to extend AbstractDeploymentProcessor or AbstractMainDeploymentProcessor instead of just implementing the interface.

These classes can be accessed by adding a dependency in your project:


Step 2: Add the custom processor

Custom processors are included to the Crafter Deployer classpath by adding all the required jar files in the following folder:



Make sure to carefully review all other dependencies in your project to make sure there are no conflicts with the libraries used by Crafter Deployer or any other custom processor.

Step 3: Configure the custom processor

Once the custom processor is placed in the classpath, the only remaining step is to create o update a target to use it. All configuration files for targets will be placed in the following folder:


First you need to create or update a context file to define all beans required by the custom processor, the file should be have the name {site}-{env}-context.xml:

<bean id="externalService" class="com.example.Service">
  <property name="url" value="${service.url}"/>
  <property name="port" value="${service.port}"/>

<bean id="myCustomProcessor" class="com.example.CustomProcessor" parent="deploymentProcessor">
  <property name="service" ref="externalService"/>


The parent bean is provided by Crafter Deployer and it includes common configuration used by the AbstractDeploymentProcessor and AbstractMainDeploymentProcessor classes.

Once the bean has been defined it can be added to the target’s pipeline in the yaml file with the matching name {site}-{env}.yaml:

  env: preview
  siteName: mySite
       enabled: false
      - processorName: myCustomProcessor
        username: john
        password: passw0rd!
  url: http://www.example.com
  port: 8080

Any change in the classpath will require a restart of Crafter Deployer, changes in configuration files will be applied when the target is reloaded.