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  • Updated On 4.0.3

Crafter Marketplace

Crafter Marketplace

The Crafter marketplace provides a home for the CrafterCMS community to contribute, find, and use extensions. CrafterCMS extensions extend the CMS and provide the user additional functionality.

This section provides information on creating and how to submit your extensions so that it’s available to the community via the Marketplace

Create Extensions for the Crafter Marketplace

Types of extensions

  • blueprint: This type of extension (blueprint) can be used as a template to create projects, it includes support for parameters to allow dynamic sites that use API keys or passwords for external services. For more information about creating blueprints you can follow this guide: Blueprints.

  • plugin: This type of extension can be used to add features to existing projects, it can include authoring and delivery extensions. For more information about creating plugins you can follow this guide: How Do I Make My Own Plugin?

Submit an extension


At this moment there is only one method for submitting plugins, but others will be added in the future

GitHub App

The Crafter Marketplace provides a very simple way of publishing plugins from a GitHub repository, once your extension is ready to be submitted you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the Crafter Marketplace GitHub App in your repository:

    1. Open a browser and go to https://github.com/marketplace/crafter-marketplace

      Crafter Marketplace GitHub App

    2. Click the Install it for free button

      Crafter Marketplace GitHub App Installation

    3. Click the Complete order and begin installation button

      Crafter Marketplace GitHub App Installation

    4. Select the repositories for your plugins and click the Install button

      Crafter Marketplace GitHub App Configuration

    5. From your account settings you can:

      • Add or remove repositories from the application

      • Uninstall the application from your account

      Crafter Marketplace GitHub App Configuration

  2. Create a tag in your repository for the version of the plugin that you will submit:

    git tag v1.0.0

  3. Push the tag to GitHub:

    git push --tags

  4. The Crafter Marketplace will automatically detect the new tag in your repository and will start processing

    a new version for your extension (or a new extension if it doesn’t exit yet)

  5. You will receive an email notification to the address configured in your GitHub account.


Make sure to always change the plugin version in the craftercms-plugin.yaml the next time you create a tag or the submit process will fail.

Also remember to set your GitHub repository to public so Crafter can pull from the repository. If you’re interested in private extensions/Marketplace, you’ll need to switch to the Enterprise Edition of CrafterCMS.

For more information on the Crafter Marketplace, see https://craftercms.com/marketplace

For more information on developing extensions for the Marketplace, see here